My goal is not just been a turner and making classical shapes, forms and general stuff in a good quality. I have my personal search. A search that could be divided in two looking which move separately as two waves that separate and go forward in different ways and meet again in a repetitive movement. When they collide, this common point could be understate as betrayal and tradition, possibility and impossibility of translations and meaning. How can we, as creatives humans bees, translate in material ours conception of nature?

In one way, my search goes for what I calling Natureza Paulistana (Paulistana Nature) and for the other I named as Betrayal of Possibilities.

Naturea Paulistana (Paulistana Nature)

Brazil is well known for its overwhelming nature, however in São Paulo, Nature is a cold wall of concrete. As a result of a history of inequality and violence, São Paulo is a schizophrenic urban experience.  The landscape of São Paulo is defined by buildings; sheets of a written notebook full of notes. The nature of São Paulo is made up of remains.

I look for a harmony in what my city offered me as Nature. Through for the research of my bowls I seek to reinterpret what is my experience of nature as a Paulistano. If the beautiful is made ugly and the ugly is made beautiful and it is not for a culture or person to judge such concepts, for they are mutable concepts. The ugglyness of a city like São Paulo becomes beautiful because of its plurality, diversity and daring. It is from that daring that I try to bring other expressions into my creation. The beautiful rise from the grey concert in a city as Sao Paulo like a rose that rises boldly from the cracks of those concretes. In this collection, all of my objects have a solid based with little by little they created conventional shapes following the same movement of the rose arising from the crack of the concrete

In the collection Natureza Paulistana (Paulistana Nature) I look for a harmony in what my city offered me as Nature. Through these bowls I seek to reinterpret what is my experience of nature as a Paulistano. Loots of different symbols compose what I have as an interpretation experience. Houses with rise together in some danger and funny way; beautiful buildings surrender by no sense buildings on the down town; a complete lack of green; super dirty and smelling rivers; a unique street arts name Pixação and so one. This least symbol of my city, influence me a lot. This because the Pixação is a direct reflex direct of Sao Paulo. Pixação is a political acts in itself; an expression of an identity in relation to space, be it public or private. It echoes as the silent voices of its operatives actors to a city that offers violence, scorn and inequality.

Betrayal of Possibilities

An object is created by distancing itself from nature and being transformed.
Human creation is responsible for the realization of experiences.
Experience is not in a natural state since it is the result of creation.

The distance between the raw material and the object becomes so great that we forget that everything comes from nature. In the collection Betrayal of Possibilities I present the following question: how to bring creation closer with its natural state?

After all, a created object can be classified as such while it has a useful value, thus, the shape of an object is the result of that useful value that defines it. When you give a new meaning to an object does its value weaken or does it expands its possibilities?