I was born in São Paulo Brazil in a traditional neighbourhood. I was very fortunate to be involved with Brazilian popular cultural from an early age. I started to play drums early and to be related in the cultural background of my country until this day. I graduated in Philosophy from Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo, Brazil. As a philosopher, I know everything, just send me an inbox!  Since I have this rich cultural knowledge and a university graduation, I worked as an art educator for many years in Brazil. I have also given many Brazilians drumming workshops around the world.

I have been in contact with wood work since my childhood and I was responsible for the maintenance of the drums in many of the percussion groups that I played in the course of my life. I decided to start to work just with wood in the beginning of the Brazilian recent economic crisis in 2015 opening on small workshop with my friend. Being familiar with the work in wood, I decided to invest my time and money in my passion and dream: woodturning. I made two courses of woodturning in São Paulo but it was enough because unfortunately you can’t find good turners and schools which could teach the art of woodturning properly. Later in 2016 I decided to move to Europe and learn more of this art.

After this, I moved to London to get in a Master’s in St. Martins – UAL but I was forced to give up due to lack of money. Money, it is good, but we don’t have. At that time I built a small studio in my house, which was a warehouse. Now I am try to develop my new search in recycled wood. I have been turning some prototypes and developing drawings for this specific project.

With Glenn

I did a few days of classes and also got the opportunity to do a few days work experience with Glenn Lucas. But I got one big step in my career: knowledge.

Every time he asked me to make something with the lathe or even showed me some new techniques, I was in the paradise! There I realised I didn’t know all most anything in the art of woodturning. I was quite happy since in Brazil we don’t have anything similar to the technology found in Glenn Lucas’ workshop

We don’t even have a bowl gouge for example. Brazilian turners use some parts of the structure of a motorcycle to make gouges. Glenn taught me all most everything I know, for example how to select the good part of a wood in the trunk, what part is the best to cut, how to do a ruffing shape properly, how to dry wood, steps that are necessary before turning and so on. He gave me many tips which you would only realise after years of practice and when someone telling you those tips, you would think “that is so obvious”. This shows how much that fellow knows about this art because he makes it be so simple.

Future Projects

After realizing how much wood we wasted, I started to think in projects to design woodturners objects using recycling wood. At the beginning, I was collecting any piece of wood and just putting some round parts in the piece

I started to think more in the design of the object when I was close to leaving Brazil and in London I concentrated on developing a solution for this. Now I wish to continue this project for a while.


Geisler Moroder Schnitzschule Reutte


I made a woodturning intensive week course with Geisler Moroder Schnitzschule. It was a specific improvement course for woodturning techniques, pen maker and artistic skills.

Glenn Lucas Studio

Bagenalstown – Ireland

I did five courses with Glenn Lucas, as on tool techniques, tool sharpening, bowl making, spindles techniques and so one.

Cozza di Legno

São Paulo – Brazil

In the school Cozza di Legno I improved my skills and techniques on creacion new woodturning designs once it is a professional artistic course and not just a technical course.

CTT (Joiners Couses)

São Paulo – Brazil

AT CTT I completed my first courses in woodturning. The courses were approximately two months long and I learned both basic and advanced skills of woodturning.